Combat Zone Paintball  905 591 0999  

                               45 mins NE of GTA

45 mins east of GTA

905 591 0999


If you come to this place for a stag or a birthday you can expect  to be dressed funny.................I mean just look at these guys behind me!


 Try not to shoot your own guys in the head when running.

C'mon boys, I'll take you on one at a time or all together............ I just filled up my ammo hopper!

Should I find a bigger tree?



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I can't say for sure but that is either poison ivy or marijuana!


Come on Canadians, I want your beer!


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BOOKINGS  (905) 591-0999

I told them that I was very nervous about playing in a game where balls are 

flying at my face...........and then they made me wear this!


 Hurry up and take the darn shot, these things are friggin heavy!

 Yaaaaaaa!  We win!  And I love the feel of this pole!

 The tree behind them was full of leaves.........until someone farted!   

Hey, why is there a fog cloud in front of that guy on the left!

 Whatever you do.......DON'T LET THEM BUNNERIZE YOU!

 Where's that Chipmonk?

See, I told you I didn't use deoderant!

 You Imperialist Yankee scum, come and get a little taste of my AK.

 The FORCE is with me but I have gone to the dark side!

 I think you're supposed to pull out the orange thingie 

BEFORE you shoot Darryl!

 When they told me we were going to the beach I sure as heck didn't expect 

I'd literally have to fight for a spot!

Where's that darn Pigeon?  He's been making a heck of mess on my still.



We win again!!  Hey, where did that Yankee come from?

 OH OH................what happens when I shoot my own guy?   Sh*t, he looks pi$$ed!

Watch this, I'll get him right between the eyes.

At least you can't say i wasn't using my head!

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Ya I'm the Easter Fu**in Bunny............ want to make something of it?

I will play for food!





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 I thought that I was too cute to shoot!

 This bump on my head from that last paintball hit is still growing, do you guys have any Tylenol?


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